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AD WorldWide Tech

3D Visualization

AD Worldwide-Tech is a pioneer in the field of 3D visualization. Customers have utilized AD Worldwide-Tech's Design and Engineering Services for their visualization projects. We design, integrate, install and service visualization systems that are immersive, tiled, walls or even portable. Visualization systems are high tech display systems that utilize high resolution to enable users to see very realistic details. In a visualization environment, images are often displayed in stereoscopic 3D. Tracking systems can also be utilized, enabling a user to move all around these 3D images and even interact with them. The result is an experience that very much looks and feels like it is "real." Our consultants have the skill and expertise to design and engineer a visualization solution that is exactly what your organization needs.

AD Worldwide-Tech is one of the operating company dedicated to advanced visualization and immersive 3D solutions. We continue to research and develop new 3D technologies.

We understand 3D and high resolution displays like no other company. We know so much more than simply projectors and structures. We understand and work with the technologies that create a fully integrated workflow solution, including: computing, software, switching, windowing, control systems, motion tracking and more. Most importantly, we know how it all fits together and can deliver a turnkey solution so you work with only one source, and a true one-stop shop.


AD WorldWide Tech

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AD WorldWide Tech