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AD WorldWide Tech

Architectural & Engineering Design

AD Worldwide-Tech Co. Pvt. Ltd. delivers a range of technology design and consulting services to A/E firms, IT Directors and Project Developers. As these projects demonstrate, a wide variety of organizations have benefited from AD Worldwide-Tech's ability to provide planning, design and implementation management services.

Design & Manufacturing

Product designers and retailers worldwide are discovering the benefits of advanced visualization systems for conception, design reviews, styling, store layouts, market research and customer presentations.

Collaborations are more effective and workflow is streamlined with the right visualization system. Transform visuals such as 3D CAD drawings and photorealistic walkthroughs on to dynamic display with realistic, 1:1 scale high resolution. Also, with effective visualization, all your team members can interact with proposed designs in real time, improving decision making.

Successful energy companies are taking advantage of new technologies that work more efficiently with the vast quantities of geophysical, exploration and development data that is available.

Saving time, money and resources; energy companies are utilizing increased computer capabilities, terabyte datasets, software, and unique display technologies to create effective, new decision making centers. These technologically advanced facilities include collaborative team rooms, real-time operations centers and advanced training facilities - all designed to provide energy companies with new ways to discover, collaborate and share information.

Today, museum visitors expect to be educated and entertained, and progressive museums are rapidly changing to meet those expectations. Interactive touch displays, 3D, large screens, and other advanced technologies are being utilized to capture and hold the attention of all kinds of audiences.

AD WorldWide Tech

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AD WorldWide Tech