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AD WorldWide Tech

Infrastructure Support

We have been working with complex technologies , giving us a bank of knowledge and experience that is simply unequaled.

AD Worldwide-Tech has the ability to support any type of display or peripheral technology. We provide service for systems we have installed, as well as for systems installed by others.

Organizations who have installed a multi-projector display system or have updated their image generator often come to AD Worldwide-Tech to provide the visualization cluster and software. Other times we have provided the complete visualization system, including displays and support services.

AD Worldwide-Tech Co. Pvt. Ltd. have thoroughly researched the needs of Corporate and developed the knowhow, infrastructure and wherewithal to utilize the new opportunities, offering customers the full advantage of these cutting-edge technologies.

We provide the infrastructure that is not only cost-effective but highly user-friendly without any major equipment added to current wireless network architecture.

We have also taken precaution to address future needs such as scalability of dynamic data collection and standardization of the interface between additional equipment that might be needed.

We are thus a coming together of knowledge, services, public interest promotions and commerce.

Server Virtualization:- Optimize performance and availability with a server virtualization-ready infrastructure

Implementing server virtualization in your enterprise can consolidate resources, save costs, and improve availability and manageability. But if your infrastructure isn't ready to handle the extra burdens that come with adding many new virtual machines, virtualization can cause more problems than it solves. An intelligent, dynamic infrastructure is critical to the success of any server virtualization effort.

AD WorldWide Tech

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AD WorldWide Tech